It's my pleasure to write something about teachers of NPTH. Specially Mustafiz sir taught me and helped me to get max score golden A+. He is an exceptional teacher. His teaching method is very interesting, clear and understandable. He solved my questions instantly. I never found teacher in my life like him. He is the best to me. Shamin from Dhaka International uni

In "A" level exam, I got "A+" for Math and Physics. This is the contribution of sir mustafiz. Really his teaching gave me this opportunity. I received teaching from different teachers, but his teaching seems to me the best, high quality and meaningfull. From scho-tica, Karim.

From NPTH a sir teaches me 2 subjects( math and chemistry). He explains me so nice, fantastic that I don't have any word to say. I have never found any teacher similar to him. He is just extra-ordinary. Uttara Model, popy

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